When it comes to candle wax, you have a number of options out there that boast their own positives and negatives of use. In comparison to paraffin wax, in particular, soybean wax greatly outshines the competition. Here are 3 benefits to buying, using, and making soy candles!

Soy Candles Are Safer

In terms of safety and when compared to paraffin wax, soy wax has a much lower melting point. Since the melting point is lower, there is less risk of injury as it is not as hot and cools much faster. The additives and fragrance in paraffin wax that are meant to make the candle last longer, burn at higher temperatures and increase the risk of severe wax burns on the skin. This is a real safety hazard for any home with children or pets.

Soy Candles Last Longer & Smell Better

The wax in soy candles not only melts at lower temperatures but lasts longer than paraffin wax. This is because the compounds in soy wax are much smoother and softer compared to paraffin which has a hard soap-like texture.  A slower burning wax also means the fragrance is not overwhelming and is gradually released into the room for a more relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. This is excellent news for anyone with a sensitive sense of smell. 

Soy Candles Are Natural & Environmentally Friendly

Soy wax is a cleaner burning wax that releases very little soot when burning, unlike paraffin wax that contains dangerous carcinogens that are bad for the environment. The wax in soy candles is also derived directly from naturally grown soybeans by farmers right here in the USA. Buying soy-based candles help support local farmers and local agriculture in your area. 

The advantages of soy candles are clear – no black soot, a longer burn, and a natural product produced by American farmers.

Soy Wax